CNBM has been continuous listed as China’s 500 most valuable brands

Recently, the 17th world brand conference, sponsored by World Brand Lab, held in Beijing, released the analysis report of China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands in 2020. China National Building Material Group Co., Ltd (CNBM) has been listed in the Brand Finance for the fourth consecutive year since the “reorganization of the two material groups”, it ranks 45 of the most valuable brands with a brand value of 117.562 billion yuan in this year, an increase of 16.287 billion yuan compared with last year, ranking the first in the building materials industry. With a brand value of 75.265 billion yuan, Beijing New Building Material (Group) Co., Ltd., (BNBM) which is affiliated to CNBM, ranks 71st in the list and third in the building materials industry.

    World Brand Lab is an international brand value research institution. It is wholly owned by world manager group, a leading strategic consulting and business communication company in the world. It is presided over by Professor Robert Mundell, 1999 Nobel Laureate in economics. The experts and consultants of the world brand laboratory come from Harvard University, Yale University, MIT, Oxford University, Cambridge University, European School of Business Administration and other top universities in the world. Its research results have become an important basis for the evaluation of intangible assets in the process of acquisition of many enterprises.

    By the end of 2019, CNBM has total assets of 600 billion yuan, annual operating income of more than 390 billion yuan, a total of 200000 employees, and 13 listed companies, of which 2 are in the overseas. There are 7 business scale rank first in the world including cement, commercial concrete, gypsum board, glass fiber, wind turbine blade, cement glass engineering and technical services. Other business such as ultra thin electronic glass, high-performance carbon fiber, lithium battery separator, ultra-high voltage electric porcelain and other new material business are in the lead in China.

    As a technology-based enterprise, it has 38,000 scientific R&D and technical engineering employees, 26 national scientific research and design institutes, more than 12,500 valid patents, and won six first prizes of the national science and technology progress award.

    As a company with a high degree of internationalization, the international market share of cement & glass project has reached 65%, which forward to the center of the world building materials stage.

Brand influence continues to increase

    As CNBM become the largest manufacturer for building materials and an integrated service provider leading throughout the world. It has been listed on the Fortune Global 500 list for 9 consecutive years, and the world’s 500 most valuable brands for 2 consecutive years.

    In 2019, CNBM was successfully selected in the top 100 model list of China’s brand power grand ceremony released by CCTV and the 100 list of China’s brands (enterprise) development index released by people’s daily. BNBM, Jushi, Sinoma, etc. affiliated to CNBM, have become China’s famous brands, world-class brands, covering the international high-end market.

    BNBM is a national innovative enterprise and the largest gypsum board industry group in the world with business scale of 2.75 billion square meters. It has won the outstanding contribution award of the global gypsum industry twice and the best company of the year for three times. It has been awarded A3 rating by Moody’s, the highest rating in the same industry in the world, and won the China Industrial Award and National Quality Award.

Let materials build a better life of mankind

    We are actively promoting the pilot work of state-owned capital investment companies. In accordance with the guiding principle of “4335”, we are accelerating the “three major changes” from enterprise management to capital management, from building materials to integrated materials, and from local market to global distribution with the enhancement of the competitiveness, innovation, control, influence and risk resistance of the group, and accelerate the cultivation of world-class materials with global competitiveness industrial investment group.

    “Make good use of resources and service construction” is our core concept. We will deeply implement and promote the transformation from Made in China to Created in China, from China’s Speed to China’s Quality, and from Chin Products to China Brands, so as to build a world-class brand in the field of materials and serve the beautiful future of human society.

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