CNBM International Corporation is a member of China National Building Materials Group Corporation (СNBM), which was established in 1984 under the direct supervision of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council of China. CNBM is the largest state corporation of China being in the top 500th world largest companies by Fortune Global. The Group is №1 in the world in the production of cement, gypsum boards and glass fiber, as well as one of the world leaders in the production of renewable energy equipment such as wind blades and solar modules. The business group also includes trade in coal, steel, forest products, construction equipment, machinery, mineral products, etc.
CNBM is one of the largest investors in solar energy in Ukraine and owns ten large solar power plants in Odesa and Mykolaiv regions.
CNBM International is the international trading platform of CNBM Corporation, it unites producers of building materials with partners from more than 120 countries of the world. In line with the business, CNBM International launched E-business platform Okorder.com.


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